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10 Raw Hair Buying Tips

10 Insider Tips for Buying High-Quality Human Hair Extensions

Looking for luxurious, long-lasting human hair extensions? Don't get tangled up in confusing grades and misleading marketing! This guide unveils the secrets to purchasing top-tier hair extensions, empowering you to make informed choices for your next investment.

1. Prioritize Cuticles for Smoothness and Longevity:

Imagine hair strands like tiny pine cones. The cuticles are the overlapping scales on the outside, responsible for keeping hair smooth and tangle-free. Opt for virgin hair extensions with 100% intact cuticles for hair that lasts longer and feels incredibly smooth.

2. Fullness Matters: Don't Settle for Thinning Bundles:

Lower-grade hair often contains shorter strands and flyaways mixed in, making the bundles appear thin. Look for extensions that offer consistent volume from the weft (where the hair is attached) all the way to the tips.

3. Heat Styling Prowess: Hair That Bounces Back

High-quality virgin hair extensions can be styled with heat tools thanks to innovative steaming technology. This allows you to create curls or waves that bounce back to their original texture after washing. Avoid hair extensions that lose their curl pattern after a wash, as this could indicate improper processing.

4. Customization Counts: Choose Hair That Takes Color

Virgin hair should be easily customizable in terms of color. Beware of jet black hair extensions, as these may have been heavily processed to hide flaws and may not hold color well when attempting to bleach or dye them.

5. Embrace the Natural Variation: White & Blonde Strands are Normal

Don't be alarmed by the occasional white or blonde hair strand in your extensions! Human hair naturally has color variations. In fact, hair collected from different countries will have distinct characteristics. Embrace this natural variation as a sign of genuine human hair.

6. Not All Factories Are Created Equal: Do Your Research

Many hair vendors are simply middlemen, not actual factories. Different factories specialize in various hair types and techniques. A factory producing low-end hair products won't have high-quality virgin hair. Research the factory's expertise before committing.

7. Price Isn't Everything: Sampling is Key

High prices don't always guarantee the best quality. Conversely, low prices don't necessarily mean bad quality. Since hair quality can be subjective, sampling is the best way to truly assess the hair. While this can be costly, it's an investment that can save you money and disappointment in the long run.

8. Prioritize Communication: A Vendor Who Cares

A good hair supplier prioritizes clear communication and readily resolves any issues you may encounter. Unfortunately, some vendors only reveal their shortcomings when problems arise and a satisfactory solution becomes elusive.

9. Customer Service is King (or Queen!)

Don't underestimate the importance of great customer service! Just like the hair itself, a reliable supplier prioritizes effective communication and offers reasonable solutions to any concerns.

10. Shop Smart: Legitimate Businesses with Clear Policies

Choose a legally registered, active company with multiple contact methods. A clear return and exchange policy is also essential. Remember, educating yourself about human hair extensions is key! Treat your hair extensions like an investment; the more you know, the better equipped you are to make informed choices for a luxurious mane.